Superblue in Tokyo at DesignUK: Part 3

November 10, 2005

Tokyo Photo Montage

The DesignUK Tokyo train has finally come home, and what was the star of the show? Of course it was Tokyo City itself. With its mad mix of hi-tec modern architecture, cute street signs, you can even find yourself taking pictures of toilet paper. It inspires and amazes. After the fantastic parties all week and too many late night visits to Superdeluxe the only place to go is an early morning visit to Tsukiji's fish market. Here you can find the most exotic, most colourful, most alive and most downright tastiest fish to help soak up the night before.

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So What About the Design?

Ed Carpenter 100% Design,Tokyo100% Tokyo was a stampede of visitors, the highlight of the show for me was Design Boom's market stalls selling affordable contemporary design, including Ed Carpenter and his Pigeon Light who has found secret stardom, autographs were available. Half the show was based in containers outside the main tent where Designers Block could be found and a large number of companies sporting the Lohas support logo (but more of that mixed-up New York concept to come).

Its always good to see Brits doing well abroad, but where was the Japanese home grown talent? It was dissapointingly sparse. Where the Japanese did show their colours was at Yamaha's Product Design Laboratory Exhibtion at Harajuku. A stunning mixture of recent extra curricula design projects from their in-house team, beatifully presented with projected shadows of the moving uses of each design.

The other big show of the week was GreatBrits based in the Air Cabin at Gaien Mai showing the best of new designers from London. Matthias Megyeri, Michael Cross and Julie Mathias, Julia Lohmann, Peter Traag and Pascal Anson put on a star show which has now seen London, Milan and Tokyo. The trip finished with the party of the week by Established & Sons, the British furniture company. Dancing on the rooftop of a Shinjuku department store was a great way to forget the week of design, only interupted when the police arrived, which was the only way it was going to stop.

The week was great and couldn't have happened without the support of:

DesignUK-Party-EmbassyIt was great to meet all the companies from the DesignUK Mission, whom I hope had as successfully a trip as we did.

Find out more about the events at the DesignUK website (English and Japanese)