Join the Knitting Nancy for a Picnic on the Beach

July 11, 2010

Margate Beach

Dan Preston, Holy Packer and the Superblue team will be heading to Margate Sands on August 6th to join museum design company HKD for their annual picnic. Come and join us for the day and have knit, a picnic and a swim and meet all the fantastic creatives in Margate.

The Giant Knitting Nancy has been invited to participate in HKD's annual picnic, a part of their monthly project called 'First Fridays' which has developed out of HKD's project space 'Marine Studios'. People will be invited to come and tryout the Giant Knitting Nancy whilst socialising with a bit of food and drink on the beautiful Margate Sands.

If in doubt about how great and social the beach can be, you can see for yourself with Robert Frith latest tilt-shift test video

Margate Tilt Shift Test from Superblue on Vimeo.