Honeycomb Fence

September 15, 2003

Honeycomb Fence Hyde Park

The Honeycomb Fence is a sculptural garden fence. Inspired by the organic forms of our hedgerows the fence provides a visually soft boundary. It creates small glimpses of the landscape beyond through the undulating honeycomb structure. The shadows created by the form change as sunlight passes across the surface and can be lit with striking effect at night.

Fences Design Mai BerlinThe fence comes in 6ft by 6ft panels which can be tiled together. Each panel comes flat packed and is made from CNC cut marine plywood. The wood has been stained and treated for external use. For export orders we endeavour to find a local producer to reduce transportation costs, so far we have provided this service in Russia and the US. We also provide a design service to provide specific shapes, materials and finishes for a client’s project.

The fence panels have been commissioned by architects, landscapers, interior designers and individuals who want a talking point for their garden.
200 x 200 x 80
marine plywood pine timber stainless steel brackets