Superblue Team

October 24, 2005

Robert Frith & James Bowskill

Superblue was formed by Robert Frith (left) and James Bowskill (right) who have been designing alongside each other since they were making balsa wood buggies in craft design technology class. Jump to the 21st century and you find them living in London and Tokyo still designing those childhood dreams. With designers Jon Almond and Annick Collins joining the team, in London, Superblue continues to grow and bring its unique creative perspective to a variety of areas.

Robert continues to bring his unique craft skills to the built environment working on Public Art projects and improving our public spaces. With Jon Almond on the team Superblue has worked on exhibitions to expand its ethos of Content lead Design. You can see Jons individual projects at Produce the Goods Annick Collins an Industrial Designer continues to grow the interactive elements of Superblue’s portfolio working on creating experiences for all. Especially interested in how we interact with materials and our environments on an emotional and experiential level. See some of her past work at her own website

James on the other hand headed to Japan in 2001, joined A.C.O., and has recently been mixing with the likes of Toyota, Evian and photographer Mika Ninagawa, designing websites and identities left right and center.

Please contact team members at:

Jon almond and Annick collins