Superblue in New Book - 'Zaune Mauern Hecken'

June 17, 2011

Fences Walls Hedges

Superblue's Honeycomb Fences feature in 'Zaune Mauern Hecken' - 'Fences Walls Hedges' a new book by Martina Rahner and Jorg Schierwagen for publishers Callwy

The publishers description of the book is:

"Hardly any other architectural element has a story to tell as a fence. The history of fences is not only historical but also very personal nature and typological This book presents different styles on the basis of 40 notable examples from within their architectural context. From the willow fence to the classic wooden fence, to purist metal, or concrete fences every style and every material imaginable is represented. The focus of the examples shown are the fences of private homes. At the end of the book come fence designers and architects, but also artisans and professionals in short essays and interviews. A comprehensive and inspirational book fence for architects, landscape architects and builders."

You can order a copy directly from Callwey at :

Zaune Mauern Hecken, design am grundstucksrand
Martina Rahner, Jorg Schierwagen - 2011, Callwey, Germany
ISBN: 978-3-7667-1878-5

Honeycomb Fence