Rumble in the Heathlands

June 02, 2007

Rainforest Curtains

Superblue is working with Heathlands Primary School, Birmingham, and Creative Partnership to look at thematic Curriculum and to add to their Outdoor Space.

Treetop high balloonsAnnick, from Superblue, has been working with Craftspace Touring by looking at how the theme of the rain forest and habitats can be explored creatively with students and staff of Heathlands Primary School. The primary aim was to look at developing a thematic approach to the curriculum and whether it enhances the learning experience. Secondly it aimed to question how a creative practice can support the development of learning within schools. For this project Superblue was exploring rainforests and habitats with Year 4 students. Together we built up layers of learning exploring sound, movement, scale, textures, and plantingseeds to explore and question our environment. Confidence and pride was built with staff and students through a variety of activities which enabled each person to build an individual relationship with their learning experience, their environment and people around them. Images show the ‘Rainforest Curtains’ (top) and the ‘Question Tree’ (bottom) some of thethe range of workshops which were created to explore the curriculum theme.

The Question Tree