ARUP - Optimise

September 22, 2008

Optimise window

The second in the Arup installations following on from 'Tools' brings you 'Optimise' an exploration of generative, computational and analytical aprroaches to design engineering


In any decision the brain has to process multiple pieces of information, subconsciously weighing up the pros and cons to arrive at the optimal solution - the best response in any given circumstance.

The design process is a balancing of technological performance, economic considerations and qualitative factors. These could be useability and comfort, responsible use of resources and energy, or the desire for a peaceful or stimulating environment. Perhaps the design is driven by other constraints; individual versus universal control, rigid or flexible structures, natural or mechanical systems.

At Arup, our designers and engineers have adapted and integrated mathematical software tools into this design process. An automated approach allows us to generate numerous and sometimes surprising combinations of factors that input into the design. We use our experience and knowledge to explore and evaluate the results to develop appropriate options. The process itself can help clients and colleagues to grasp the concepts more quickly and to collaborate in the design in greater detail.

A designer always aims to reach a better solution in response to many and varied requirements. The possibilities could be endless but this approach can encourage us to realistically ask "What if" . . . . . . . .

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Installation designed by Arup and Superblue

Optimise window