Holbeck Competition Team shortlisted

March 19, 2009

Holbeck Village Urban Village

Annick Collins from Superblue has been working in collaboration with Gregory Cowan and Natalie Skeete to be successfully shortlisted for the Holbeck competition.

The competition entry prepared by Collins, Cowan, and Skeete proposes a triadic strategy of landscape, urban 'furniture' and a palette of suitable materials, where non-humans and humans will interact. The final result will be announced on the 28th of May.

A discussion about the transdisiplinary work of OOZ was brought my attention by a neighbour commentating on the work. Geese, Birds, Fish and Bats had been studied and discussion ensued about human and non-human interactions.

In March the team was shortlisted, among a field of competitors from Yorkshire, California, and beyond. Our process-driven design strategy, which combines urban landscape, animal 'furniture' and a code of materials will not easily translate into a photo opportunity. The press article says "The winner, who will be announced on May 28, will see his or her vision turned into reality and installed in Holbeck Urban Village ready for local critters to move in."

Whether our scheme will be suitable for building a photogenic prototype for the 'critters' - as the organisers envisage - remains to be seen.