EPSRC Lecture - 'Atoms To Art'

September 22, 2005

EPSRC Atoms to Art Conference

Rob will be speaking about his research into honeycomb ceramics at the ESPRC “Culture and Creativity” conference held at the University of Manchester on the 12th September 12th 2005. The conference will address science and art collaborations in the field of ceramics and glass.

The conference will seek to share current practice and identify some themed groups to meet periodically over the course of the following two years. At the end of the two year period a second conference will be staged to share the outcomes and ultimately establish the idea of regular gatherings of the communities.

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Network Framework

We have identified a framework for the initial operation of the Network, exploring the broad themes of:

Analysis of current and emerging materials and material combinations. This could include the mixing of differing materials to explore the properties and creative potential of those aggregates. Examples might include: paperclay; clay/glass/metal matrixes and the methodologies and creative potential for working these materials.
For example: fast firing techniques; use of microwave heating; durability during vapour glazing; annealing large scale glass sculpture, temporary kiln structures for large scale creative endeavors.
For example finishing techniques and the impact of new technologies, ie cutting, grinding and polishing, laser marking, waterbased transfer explorations.

We anticipate interest and excitement at the prospect of sharing ideas and as always, when bringing together artists and designers with others from a differing background, we expect the unexpected. Thus the aim of the network is to bring together scientific and creative practitioners including artists, scientists, designers and craftspeople, drawn from University and independent communities together with industrial partners capable of investigating and utilising current and emerging ceramic materials and processes.