ARUP - Toolbox

April 23, 2008

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Superblue has designed a series of exhibitions to highlight the creative culture of Arup. Superblue is putting together a series of exhibitions for Arup - the global consultancy, starting with the tool they use do their job.

ArupA year long engagement the project aims to promote the work of the designs both internally within ARUP and externally to clients, partners and prospective recruits. Covering 6 different themes and 6 exhibitions, the consultancy process aims to highlight the unique approach ARUP designers and engineers bring to challenging construction projects.The exhibitions for Arup will reflect its style of the consultancy, people and skills. The first exhibition highlights various ‘tools’ that allow for creative cross-fertilisation between different areas of design. It is the unexpected connections between these areas that allow for innovation.

The first exhibition, The Toolbox, will be displayed in the window of 12 Fitzroy Street, “London, W1 and highlights the work of the façade, materials, product design and lighting teams". It celebrates creativity and problem-solving, and shows the unique tools that are used with the company to achieve their ground breaking projects.

The Toolbox is an exhibition that looks at the unique use of both traditional and cutting-edge tools in contemporary design and engineering. The first in an exciting series of shows exploring the work and processes of Arup Facades, Product, Lighting and Materials Engineering. Through the craftsman-like use and development of tools, Arup designers provide creative and intelligent solutions to particular creative problems.

How do Arup designers turn their ideas into reality? As The Toolbox shows, sometimes it is through a playful approach to the tools available to them. The exhibition shows the importance of lateral thinking and experience needed by an Arup designer.

The exhibition looks at how computer games are being used to optimise energy use in new buildings. Hand sketching is used to solve the structure of a new Zaha Hadid building. Plasticine helps describe an Anish Kapoor sculpture for the Paris Metro.

Through using such a variety of tools and processes Arup make sure ideas can be realised.

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