100's 'Got Knitted' at TENT London 2010

September 28, 2010

TENT London group

By kind invitation the 'Giant Knitting Nancy' was on show at this years TENT London 2010. 100s of people came and 'Got Knitted' with us over the 4 days of TENT London, part of the London Design Festival.

TENT couple

TENT girl playing It was great to meet so many people at this years TENT London and bring back the memory of French Knitting to them. People from across the globe joined in and participated in growing the Knitting Nancy structure. Over 30m was added to the structure over the 4 day event by everyone. People were using the structure to sit, relax and wait for friends at the reception of the show. We heared so many lovely complements on the Giant Knitting Nancy, and really happy that it is making connections with so many people. So many stories and memories were shared by visitors of French knitting.

Over the weekend we entertained so many families and children who really enjoyed bouncing, playing, climbing and exploring the knitted structure. New skills were learned and re-learned by all and it was fantastic to see people across generations sharing and showing each other how to knit.

We are planning for the Giant Knitting Nancy to keep growing, so keep following this site for more updates. You can also follow us on Facebook or on Twitter.

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